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Jan 9: Young people everywhere, Nyungwe of Mozambique
Jan 16: Next generation leaders, Mandinka of West Africa
Jan 23: Soccer cures boredom, Pa of Colombia
Jan 30: We lie, we steal, we hate, Mzab of the Sahara Desert
Feb 6: Where do you find protection? Mandinka of West Africa
Feb 13: Learning the books, Swaziland and the Amazon River Basin
Feb 20: No complaining, Tswana of Botswana
Feb 27: He heard and answered, Wolof of Senegal and the Gambia
Mar 6: The perfect friend, Central Asian peoples
Mar 13: Give it up, European peoples
Mar 20: God wants us to go, Colombia
Mar 27: Dedicated to Jesus, Wassulu of Mali
April 3: Prince of peace, Ukraine
April 10: Week of love, South Asia
April 17: Church of the future, Thailand
April 24: Bling Street, Swazi-speaking Arabs
May 1: They need clean water, Swaziland
May 8: My prayer journal, USA
May 15: Changing world, unchanging God, Horn of Africa
May 22: Deaf work in the Horn, Africa



Jan 3: Three Wise Men, Europe
Jan 10: Coming of Age, Japan
Jan 17: Peruvian puppets present, Peru
Jan 24: Putting feet to faith, Bangladesh
Jan 31: Action Bible, Central Asia
Feb 7: Showing love, Japan
Feb 14: Rashid is a friend, southern France
Feb 21: The meaning of words, South Africa
Feb 28: Homeschool conference, Africa
Mar 7: Not a fairy tale, Angola
Mar 14: Whatever it cost, Siberia
Mar 21: She is the first, East Africa
Mar 28: You know you’re an MK
Apr 4: They trust in idols, India
Apr 11: Passover feast, Israel
Apr 18: What does Easter mean?
Apr 25: Pray for the people, Middle East
May 2: Taking care of Asia, Northern Africa and the Middle East
May 9: Forced to chant, Thailand
May 16: Bible club at IDP camp, Georgia, European peoples
May 23: They cannot read, Ar of Colombia
May 30: MK retreat, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Jun 6: Tswana Transformers, Botswana
Jun 13: Providing protection, Wassulu of West Africa
Jun 20: Summer day camp, Mongolia
Jun 27: Who would have thought? Thailand
Jul 4: Arabs for real, Part I, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jul 11: Arabs for real, Part II, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jul 18: Arabs for real, Part III, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jul 25: Arabs for real, Part IV, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Aug 1: “Home”, a poem written by an MK returning to the US
Aug 8: Camp in Siberia, European peoples
Aug 15: He got their attention, Basque people
Aug 22: Keepers of the bees, Konongo people of Tanzania
Aug 29: True or false, Japan
Sep 5: Moving to the capital, Zambia
Sep 12: Prayers at a tomb, Kabyle of Algeria
Sep 19: I want to do that one day, Botswana
Sep 26: Prisoners in every culture, Kabyle Berbers
Oct 3: Snake suddenly strikes, Amazon River Basin
Oct 10: Reed Dance, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Oct 17: Permission to follow, Thailand
Oct 24: Did my prayer work?, Macau, China
Oct 31: Free from fear, Mbunda of Zambia
Nov 7: Are MKs deprived?
Nov 14: Not the same, Pa people of Colombia
Nov 21: Hunger and orphans, India and Afghanistan
Dec 5: They cannot read, Yawo of Mozambique
Dec 12: Imported holiday, China
Dec 19: Just another holiday, Canada
Dec 26: Fulani shepherds, Western Niger


Jan 4: New Church-New Year, Kabyle Berbers of Algeria and France
Jan 11: A Christian school, Last Frontier
Jan 18: Good people, Tunisia
Jan 25: Honor of a chicken, Botswana
Feb 1: Far and wide, Brazil, North America and Cote d’Ivoire
Feb 8: White as snow, Russia
Feb 15: Fighting Goliath, Zambia
Feb 22: It starts with pigs, Last Frontier
Mar 1: Compassion for pets, Japan
Mar 8: Isaan youth trip, Thailand
Mar 15: Messy mud pit, South Asia
Mar 22: Resurrection holiday, China
Mar 29: The message of Jesus, Last Frontier
Apr 5: Showing God’s love, South Africa
Apr 12: He had a dream, South Asia
Apr 19: Province of buffalo dung, Last Frontier
Apr 26: Playing Red Rover, Last Frontier
May 3: Registering girls for school, Bangladesh
May 10: Player of the Match, South Asia
May 17: Yummy homemade brownies, Basque of Western Europe
May 24: A sinless prophet, yes, Hadramaut Yemeni Arabs
May 31: Friends are so important, Ghana
Jun 7: Summer camp in Africa
Jun 14: Tutoring slum children, Gujarat, India
Jun 21: Afraid to trust, Fulbe Futa Jalon of Guinea
Jun 28: God knows her by name, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jul 5: She went alone, Isaan, Thailand
Jul 12: I can’t promise, Vietnam
Jul 19: What did Jesus say about children?, Hokkien people, East Asia
Jul 26: He taught chants, Sub-Saharan Africa
Aug 2: A problem with elephants, Southeast Asia
Aug 9: Traveling by boat, Amazon Basin
Aug 16: School success, Bangladesh
Aug 23: Harvest Family Village, Zimbabwe
Aug 30: Urdu and English Worship, Canada
Sep 6: Railroad people, Indonesia
Sep 13: That someone is me, Mozambique
Sep 20: A picnic inside, Bangladesh 
Sep 27: Arrows point to Jesus, North Brazil
Oct 4: People of the desert, Northern Africa
Oct 11: Faith of a child, South Asian peoples
Oct 18: Chains that bind, South African peoples
Oct 25: Fifth- and sixth-grade boys, Isaan, Thailand
Nov 1: Hungry to learn, Mozambique
Nov 8: Seed spreaders, Nepal
Nov 15: Wash away sin, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Nov 22: Saved from a jaguar, Amazon Basin
Nov 29: Sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas
Dec 6: Christmas in Malta, Malta
Dec 13: Message without words, Germany
Dec 20: Joyeux Noel!, France
Dec 27: Traditions of Boxing Day, Europe



Jan 6: Precious in His sight, Zambia
Jan 13: Caught stealing, Bangladesh
Jan 20: What a gift!
Jan 27: An honor and a burden, West Africans in Paris, France
Feb 3: What is it worth to you?, Jahanka of Senegal, Guinea and the Gambia
Feb 10: What do you think about Valentine’s Day?, Japan
Feb 17: Love in the face of fear, Cape Town, South Africa
Feb 24: Trust not worry, worldwide
Mar 2: Where are you going?, Senegal
Mar 9: In love with the Book, Japan
Mar 16: From her childhood, Sri Lanka
Mar 23: Who created all things?, Thailand
Mar 30: She cannot read, Bangladesh
Apr 6: Hosanna we sing!, Bangladesh
April 13: Being an MK in a national school, European peoples
April 20: God provided a place, Zimbabwe
April 27: Buckets of care, Swaziland
May 4: Drawing on your hands, South Asia
May 11: Mother’s Day
May 18: Forty Days and Forty Nights, Africa
May 25: Run to high ground, Japan
June 1: Ami Bengali Chele, Bangladesh
June 8: Always a witness, Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
June 15: Good or bad, Southeast Asian Peoples
June 22: Many people, one hut, Fulakunda of Senegal
June 29: They were just kids, Bihari Muslims, Bangladesh
July 6: Just getting started, Japan
July 13: Serving her family, West Africa
July 20: Is that God?, Madagascar
July 27: Youth share with children, Thailand
Aug 3: Standing firm, Zambia
Aug 10: Is it a boy or a girl?, India
Aug 17: Pray for my best friend, Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
Aug 24: Take time to play, Peru
Aug 31: It took a clown, Japan
Sep 7: Clothes, nutrition and Jesus, East Asian Peoples
Sep 14: Texting for Jesus, Turkey
Sep 21: It’s Emma’s birthday, Madagascar
Sep 28: Keeping them safe, London
Oct 5: The most important thing, South Asia
Oct 12: Made to worship, South Asia
Oct 19: School and language, global
Oct 26: Ride not walk, Mbunda, Western Africa
Nov 2: The great boys, Xhosa, South Africa
Nov 9: Teaching Jesus at school, South Africa
Nov 16: Thanksgiving Dinners, Marseilles, France
hov 23: Eyes to see, Zambia and Namibia
Nov 30: Lots of activity, Dakar, Senegal
Dec 7: Following Yisu!, East Asian peoples
Dec 14: Potter’s Wheel camp, Israel
Dec 21: School bell racket, Mbunda, Zambia
Dec 28: Caterpillar season, Nkoya, Zambia


Jan 7: Going on a picnic, Bangladesh
Jan 14: Glowing hot faith, Bozo people of Africa
Jan 21: Good luck charms, Bratislava, Slovakia
Jan 28: Simple faith, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Feb 4: Where God wants us to live, South Asia
Feb 11: Happy and you know it, Bangladesh
Feb 18: Stars in the sky, Zambia
Feb 25: Captive to superstition, Khmer of Cambodia
Mar 4: The love of her life, Futa Toro Fulani of West Africa
Mar. 11: The Rose City, Fukuyama City, Japan
Mar. 18: Three years praying, PRAYERthreads KIDS
Mar.25: From where you stand, Japan earthquake
Apr. 1: Dhobi washerman, India
Apr. 8: Just what she asked for, friendship
Apr. 15: An MK trusts Jesus, South Asian peoples
Apr. 22: Light of Jesus, idol worship
Apr. 29: Four children learning two languages, Basque people of Western Europe
May 6: Mercy, Circassians of Central Asia
May 13: Off the rack, Bihari Muslims of Bangladesh
MAY 20: Delivering milk by bicycle, India
MAY 27: City of seekers, Mumbai, India
JUN 3: Controlled by fear, Nkoya of Zambia
JUN 10: All the other stuff, South Asia
JUN 17: Saving the toads, Germany
JUN 24: They worship many gods, Jeju Island, South Korea
JUL 1: Happy Fourth of July!
JUL 8: Learn the truth, China
JUL 15: Malta family festival
JUL 22: On your side, Basque, Western Europe
JUL 29: Life orientation, South Africa
AUG 5: Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka
AUG 12: Enjoying Stateside assignment, USA
AUG 19: Do not worship idols, South Asia
AUG 26: The wrong things I do, Xhosa, South Africa
SEP 2: Heading off to college
SEP 9: Wrinkled old tree, Lozi of Zambia
SEP 16: Teaching the children, Japan
SEP 23: Fatima’s daddy, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
SEP 30: Research the people, Ancash Quechua, Peru
OCT 7: Stomp the bleachers, South Asian peoples
OCT 14: Guinea pigs and rabbits, American peoples, Colombia
OCT 21: World Changers, South Africa
OCT 28: Boy’s Club, South Africa
NOV 4: Love of your life, Mozambique
NOV 11: Forgetting to pray, Thailand
NOV 18: Thanksgiving football, Southeast Asian peoples
NOV 25: Thanksgiving turkey, Southeast Asian peoples
DEC 2: A strange life, Central Asian peoples
DEC 9: The most important thing, Central Asian peoples
DEC 16: Sharing Jesus on the bus, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
DEC 23: Doing the impossible, Windhoek, Namibia
DEC 30: Ostrich capital of the world, South Africa


Jan 1: Happy New Year!, giving
Jan 8: Life in a foreign country, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jan 15: Earthquake in Haiti, American peoples
Jan 22: Cotton tree, Sierra Leone
Jan 29: Don't miss the ending, Zimbabwe
Feb 5: Buckets of Hope, Haiti
Feb 12: Life of a chameleon, MKs in US
Feb 19: Take me to the Kasbah!, Morocco
Feb 26: What can I do?, China
Mar 5: Planting apple trees, Uighur, Central Asia
Mar 12: Her Big Brown Eyes poem 
Mar 19: Life of obedience, story of salvation 
Mar 26: A great trip, taking the train in South Asia 
Apr 2: Tell the best story, Futa Toro Fulani of West Africa, Easter
Apr 9: Courage and heart, Last Frontier
Apr 16: PRAYERthreads KIDS, praying for people groups with no missionaries
Apr 23: Children and prisoners, Haiti
Apr 30: Celebrating a birthday, East Asian peoples
May 7:Moving to a new place, European city  
May 14: Going to the mall, Northern Africans in Paris  
May 21: Your best friend, Jesus, Sri Lanka 
May 28: The Jesus Road, Mali  
Jun 4: I know this book, Bangladesh
Jun 11: Love Jesus more, Lozi people of Zambia
Jun 18: Loving obedience
Jun 25: Serving the elderly, Sereer of Senegal
Jul 2: School in Austria, Austria
Jul 9: Grow up in Jesus, Pakistan
Jul 16: Visiting a Chiefdom, Sierra Leone
Jul 23: Summer camp, Uzbekistan
Jul 30: Sing for Jesus, South Asia
Aug 6: Learning to read, Gujjars of Pakistan 
Aug 13: Playtime, games for Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Aug 20: Whistle while you work, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples 
Aug 27: College, MKs leaving the field for college
Sep 3: Spirit tree, Caribbean
Sep 10: I’m just a girl, Africa
Sep 17: God answers prayer, Chile and Haiti earthquake relief
Sep 24: The last to eat, Bamako
Oct 1: Being a friend, Central Asia
Oct 8: Turks in Germany, Central Asian peoples in European country
Oct 15: Living clean lives, Chitwan Tharu of Nepal
Oct 22: Great big God, South Asia
Oct 29: He works every day, Bangladesh
Nov 5: Are you excited? West Africa, orality
Nov 12: Endless homework, East Asian peoples
Nov 19: He was listening, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire
Nov 26: Give thanks
Dec 3: The scent of Christmas, Sri Lanka
Dec 10: Christmas in Europe
Dec 17: Christmas in Africa, Swaziland
Dec 24: Christmas in Bulgaria
Dec 31: New Year’s in Mongolia


Jan 2: The faith of a child, Chinese in Canada
Jan 9: Showing kindness and love, Indonesia
Jan 16: Simply tell the story, Philippines
Jan 23: Thank God for mud, Zambia
Jan 30: Popcorn with hot sauce, Mexico
Feb 6: Boxes of food, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Feb 13: Did he say exhausted?, Family story
Feb 20: When you grow up, South Asian peoples
Feb 27: Creatures in the jungle, Family story
Mar 06: Celebrations around the world, South Asian peoples
Mar 13: A song and a piece of fruit, South Asian peoples
Mar 20: Everything I know about pigs, Southeast Asian peoples
Mar 27: What is common to you?, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Apr 3: Amazed about what Jesus did, Central Asian peoples
Apr 10: 4-year-old G, Japan
Apr 17: What color is the sky?, China
Apr 24: Good news Kermit, Sumatra
May 1: Sit and talk, West African peoples
May 8: The beating of the drums, Zambia and Namibia
May 15: What is an evangelist?, South Asian peoples
May 22: Showing the love of Jesus, Senegal
May 29: Eraser of sin, Moko Island
Jun 05: Chewing gum business, Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples
Jun 12: Preparing for a new stage in life, Family story
Jun 19: Mexico City missions to youth, Mexico
Jun 26: My house helper and my friend, East Asian peoples
Jul 03: She’s forced to do rituals, Cambodia
Jul 10: Happy and sad, China
Jul 17: Make a joyful noise, Last Frontier
Jul 24: Let’s play ball, Portugal
Jul 31: Arts and crafts, Portugal
Aug 07: Dangerous places, Southeast Asian peoples
Aug 14: Swimming pools were God’s answer, Turkey
Aug 21: Kids love VBS, Mexico
Aug 28: Learning in school, MKs
Sep 4: More Kids than Grown-Ups, Zambia
Sep 11: What do they have in common?, Hungary
Sep 18: What does that mean?, Guinea
Sep 25: Let’s start some “loips”, Kenya
Oct 2: Only one shirt, South Asian peoples
Oct 9 : Two aren’t enough, Maninka people of Western Africa
Oct 16: His first time at church, Sri Lanka
Oct 23: Vegetable soup, South Africa
Oct 30: Working with dad, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Nov 6: Dancing on tip-toe, Circassian people of Central Asia
Nov 13: 40 Days and 40 Nights, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Nov 20: Thanksgiving dinner, Bhutan
Nov 27: Prayerwalking, Kanuri people of Sub-Saharan Africa
Dec 4: Snowmen and Wreaths, France
Dec 11: Evangelism, American peoples
Dec 18: GoTell, Zambia
Dec 25: Merry Christmas, Japan


Jan 11: KK shares Jesus, Japan
Jan 18: Wow—the first day of school!, South Africa
Jan 25: Kids need parents… …And kids need love, Brazil
Feb 1: But I want to go to school…, Last Frontier
Feb 8: Juicy mangoes on a hot day…, Sri Lanka
Feb 15: Japanese neighborhood watch, Japan
Feb 22: Give thanks to God…, Central Asian peoples
Feb 29: Everyone loves music! Musical center, South Korea and Portugal
Mar 7: Friends of Jesus…A club at school…, South Africa
Mar 14: What happens when you pray?, Kenya
Mar 21: JESUS is risen! He is risen indeed!, Haiti
Mar 28: 5 minute English!, Japan
Apr 4: Eight hours to the oasis…, Kanuri people of western Africa
Apr 11: He’s a lot like you…, Family story
Apr 18: “Wordless book,” Colombia
Apr 25: Is it swimming or driving?, Sudan
May 2: How do you tell people about Jesus?, Niger
May 9: Bible stories at a bush school, Zambia
May 16: A gift of coconuts, South Asian peoples
May 23: She needed Jesus, Paraguay
May 30: How big is your house?, Argentina
Jun 6: Secret believers, Last Frontier
Jun 13: I like to play, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Jun 20: They speak a different language, Togo
Jun 27: Her gift to God, Chinese in Canada
Jul 4: Say what?, Petropavlovsk
Jul 11: She’s learning about Jesus, Thailand
Jul 18: A Girl Named Bo, Thailand
Jul 25: They put on a play…, South Africa
Aug 1: Pancakes with what?, South Asian peoples
Aug 8: Time for the Olympics, China
Aug 15: Missionary kids in college, Family story
Aug 22: God is good, Sub-Saharan African peoples
Aug 29: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Sudan
Sep 5: Everyone is going to school!, Angola
Sep 12: This time called Ramadan, Last Frontier
Sep 19: Kids make great missionaries, Family story
Sep 26: God provides family, Colombia
Oct 3: Confused about worship, South Africa
Oct 10: Silly hippo talk, Dinka people of Sudan
Oct 17: Extreme mud riding, Fulbe Futa Jalon people of western Africa
Oct 24: Handing out tracts, South Asian peoples
Oct 31: The things that happen!, South Asian peoples
Nov 7: Make Jesus happy, Family story
Nov 14: 40 days/40 nights, Zambia
Nov 21: Good news now, Sri Lanka
Nov 28: Give thanks, Family story
Dec 5: Tons of prayer, Xhosa peoples of South Africa
Dec 12: Summertime Christmas, Brazil
Dec 19: Cookies of love, Maninka people of western Africa

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