Dried peanut dust

A group of Sereer women of Senegal were sitting under a shade tree, shelling peanuts. A Christian worker cracked one open that had dried peanut dust inside. She said, “People are like this.” Some of the women nodded in agreement; some looked at each other in confusion. “The Word of God says that without a relationship with God, we are dead inside. Jesus said that He came to bring life.” The worker then told them the story of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. “All who believe in Jesus have a relationship with God, and He makes them alive for eternity.”

She went on to tell that all four of her grandparents had passed away. Losing them was sad but she knew she would see them again. “Because every one of them professed their faith in Jesus, I know that they are with God, just as I will be one day,” she told them. The women were very interested and asked questions, so the worker was able to tell them how to follow Jesus. Will you please pray for these Sereer women that they will take this important step of faith and begin following Jesus themselves?


Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Currently there are no boys for me to play with in my class.  Please pray that there would be a new boy join our school that I can become great friends with.  JOSEPH, age 7 (European peoples)



Please pray that I can understand math.  It is very difficult for me. Pray, too, that our family can tell our neighbors about Jesus.  We take them cookies sometimes just trying to become their friends.  They don't really trust us since we are foreigners. My mom teaches English to some children.  Pray that the children will believe in Jesus. DAVE, age 16 (Central Asian peoples)



Please pray that we will have a fun time here in Togo and that my second bunny won't die. And that this one lady at church won't hurt anyone when she freaks out. CHRISTIANNA, age 8 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)



I love school, but this year I had to say good-bye to my best friend.  I made new friends, but again another one is leaving.  Pray that I would find great friends, will do good in school and be healthy. THANKS! MK, age 11 (European peoples)




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