Ears to hear

In the country of Yemen—that’s in the northern part of Africa, a little boy named Abdu* sits outside the front door of the house. Abdu can’t hear anything, but he is always happy to shake hands, give a “thumbs up,” or try to sneak his hand into a pocket! He shoots of fireworks throughout the day, so it is not surprise that he is deaf. It seems impossible to think that this little guy could ever hear the Good News of Jesus.

Be we know God, He is in the business of doing the impossible. God heals people, and He can heal Abdu. Pray for Abdu that he will have “ears to hear” what millions around him have not heard. In Yemen, there are very few people who know about Jesus. Even if Abdu cannot hear with his ears, he can hear with his heart. Pray for someone to tell him about Jesus and break up the silence around him.

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Please pray for my older brother who is in college in Virginia.  Pray for him to do well as he finishes his school year and graduates and also for him to find a good job.  We miss him a lot.
EMILY, age 14 (American peoples)

Pray that the civil unrest in Thailand will resolve itself. 
ANDREW, age 16 (Southeast Asian peoples)

Pray for me that I will be able to make friends in Egypt. I pray that I will make friends. 
M (Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples)

Please pray for African children to become Christians and for the tribal people to be Christians. 
JAKE, age 10 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

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