West African trucker

A trucker in West Africa told the story of his daily life to a new friend. "I left my home in West Africa around six weeks ago. I’m waiting for paperwork and the next load. It’s a difficult life. It’s hard to have a life while always being on the road, and I miss my wife and family. I can travel a region as large as the United States, and I usually sleep under my truck on the ground or on a cot. I carry my own water with me and cook under the truck too.

"I know there is a God, but I don’t know much about Him. I personally pray five times a day to Allah. That is our culture in my country," the trucker explains. "We’re all worshipping the same God anyway, aren’t we?" This trucker is now hearing some stories from God’s Word, some are even on his cell phone. He is beginning to understand more about Jesus and is telling the stories to his other trucker friends. Please pray for truckers in West Africa that they will begin to follow Jesus everywhere they go.

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Please pray for the children in my country that they will stop believing in the Muslim God and start believing in Jesus. Pray that I will learn the language fast so I can tell my new friends and neighbors about Jesus. TROY, age 8 (Central Asian peoples)

Pray that the new kids will be nice to me and that I will make friends. I want to learn the language quickly. Will you pray that we have a great house and find a nice playground?  L, age 7 (Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples)

My name is Lucy, I am 7 years old.Please pray for our friends that we have met in Moscow so that they will know Jesus. Pray for our family to learn the language so we can tell people about Jesus. Pray that it will not be stressful when we are moving to a new apartment. Please pray that we will make more Russian friends. Bye in Russian is "Pa-ka" or "Dah-svee-dah-nya" LUCY, age 7 (European peoples)

Pray that I will do well in school and have more friends at school. Pray for our family's ministry to the Deaf and that I could lead some children to Christ by showing them kindness. CALEB, age 13 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

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